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Information – Offroad Valdres

The bicycle race Offroad Valdres

 Arranged by CK Valdres (ckvaldresekspressen@gmail.com)

Offroad Valdres is an off-road bicycle race on 150 km or 85 km, which is arranged on the 20th of July 2019. The race is on paths, cart roads, dirt roads and regular roads. It is possible to complete the race with hardtail, but full-suspension is recommended.
We have based the concept on the ideas from the bicycle race Offroad Finnmark. It has a lot of similarities with bike orienteering, except the fact that the cyclists must take a particular trace. The cyclists are in teams (2-3 participants), and they cycle from start to finish using a GPS. The GPS shows only the start, some checkpoints and the finish line. Each team brings a GPS-tracker, which will show their exact location at any time.
The participants must have a set of equipment in their bags during the race. It is possible to get supplies at the main check points.


The program will be posted closer to the date of the race.


The track will be on about 150 km. this year. It is organized that most cyclists will manage it by 12 hours. The winner time is on 7-8 hours. The contestants have to follow normal traffic rules, and because of that there will be no road closures.  Negligence will lead to sanctions.

½ - road

The track will be on about 75 km. this year. It is organized that most cyclists will manage it by 6 hours. The winner time is on 4 hours. The contestants have to follow normal traffic rules, and because of that there will be no road closures.  Negligence will lead to sanctions.

How do you participate?

Each team must have at least two, maximum three cyclists.  You can be a pure male or female team, or a mix.

You can sign up both yourself or several simultaneously.

The first one who signs up makes a name on the tab “nytt lag” in the “påmeldingsvindu” (registration).

Some have reported issues with registration on iPads, use a computer instead.

If you have not made a team, send an e-mail to ckvaldresekspressen@gmail.com


The maximum amount of team members this year is 175 on the 1/1-road and 85 on the ½ - road. Offroad Valdres is a small, but exclusive race that gives the participants a unique experience of Valdres. The food, beverage and nature will give you a lifelong memory.


The fastest team in 1/1-road will win a start in the Offroad Finnmark 300 km race in 2020. For the Participants in both Offroad Finnmark and Offroad Valdres there will be a draw.

Offroad Finnmark

The participants that complete Offroad Valdres gets the opportunity to sign up for Offroad Finnmark early, and gets the early sign up price (before 15/10). This is for the race in 2018.


Ck Valdres wishes to use Offroad Valdres as advertisement for the bicycle opportunities in Valdres. There is a new track every year which gives the participants the opportunity to experience different areas of Valdres, but the start and finish will be in the centre of Fagernes.  We want to promote locally produced food, the nature and the mountain farm experience, and we do that through cooperation with local businesses.

As a participant you will get

Meals consisting of Wangensten Valdresmeieriet cheese, salami from Mikael Fremgaard and local beer. Finisher t-shirt. Bicycle service from Skør´n – handverkeri. Banquet at Scandic Valdres, Fagernes.

We will, as much as we can, use local businesses at food stations and at the banquet.

Travel to Fagernes

Valdres is central in South-Norway with easy arrival from Trondheim in north, Hamar in east, Oslo in south and Bergen in west. Whatever destination you choose to travel from it is an easy way either you travel by public transport or by car.

The bus company Valdresekspressen has 8 departures from Oslo/Sandvika. They have departures from Bergen, Lærdal, Lillehammer, Gjøvik and Gol as well.


Scandic Valdres, Fagernes is this year race hotel. The hotel is 200 meters from the start. The banquet will be at the hotel also.

The hotel is so close to Strandefjorden that you can mirror yourself in the water. You can find a popular walkway just next to the water. The hotel helps you with everything a nature lover dreams about; bicycle trips in wonderful nature, fishing trips in clear mountain lakes, or horseback riding in untouched Norwegian nature.

Our motto is to be a race without bars and gel.